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dockstreetrendering“Opponents of a controversial residential tower proposed to rise next to the Brooklyn Bridge brought their case to Borough President Markowitz on Tuesday night, bitterly describing developer Jed Walentas’s project as bad public policy and a disastrous way to treat the fabled and legendary span.” (via The Brooklyn Paper

[Notable among the opposition was two-time Pulitzer Prize winning author David McCullough whose 1972 history of the Brooklyn Bridge, “The Great Bridge,” remains, alongside Alan Trachtenberg’s “Brooklyn Bridge: Fact and Symbol” one of the essential texts for understanding the cultural context of the bridge’s construction. A letter from McCullough was read by a representative from the Simon & Schuster publishing house.]

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In the years since the felling of the World Trade Center towers, the Brooklyn Bridge has taken on an increasing symbolic importance to New Yorkers. The bridge is now used as a backdrop for almost every local television news broadcast while the adjacent state and city parks along the East River in DUMBO, Brooklyn are regularly used as settings for fashion and other advertising photography and for television shows of various stripes. The relationship between developers, preservationists and those favoring the construction of a new middle school, is a contentious one that likely won’t be resolved any time soon. Even if the proposed development gains the necessary approvals, it is not clear when, or if, the project will ever be completed. One need look no further than the oft-delayed and scaled-back plans for the Atlantic Yards development in downtown Brooklyn to know that the battle to preserve the sanctity of the Brooklyn Bridge will be a long one.

Wondering if a New School in Brooklyn Is Worth Blocking the View (via New York Times)


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Brooklyn Redux

 A year ago August, Beth and I bought a condo — a “pied-a-terre” — in the gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood known by the Disney-esque acronym, “DUMBO” (Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass). Having returned to my roots (sort of), albeit part-time, after 26 years of happy exile in New England (I was born in Brooklyn but grew up in Forest Hills, Queens; and we’ll continue to maintain a home in Northampton, Massachusetts), I’m intending to do some writing about my re-discovery of the borough — and city — of my childhood where, as fate of course would have it, both my adult children now reside. As is often the case when I promise myself to get serious about my writing, we’ll see.

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