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affluenceorg-logoIn fairness to the members of the Affluence.org community, I want to balance the impression left by my previous post that the organization is nothing more than a social network for rich people snubbing their noses at the poor or middle class.

From the Affluence.org “About Us” page, a description of the network’s membership and philanthropic mission:

“Affluence.org is an exclusive online social network for the affluent and influential aimed at forming a socially conscious, elite, and exclusive community that helps wealthy, influential, and affluent people make life better for both themselves and others. . . .

“Affluence.org conveys a strong sense of philanthropy and social responsibility demonstrated by featuring a detailed charity section where members can direct donations, RSVP to fund raising events, watch videos relating to the cause, or indicate that they support the charity.   Affluence.org also donated 15% of their monthly media, both print and online, to selected charities.”

From the “Promote Your Charities” page:

“All of the Organizations featured on Affluence are registerd 501(c)(3) non-profit. What does that mean? It means the organizations we feature took the time to make sure the IRS and the government know that they are committed to working for change, and are willing to be transparent and responsible for the sincerity of their actions and transactions. In short, they put the money where their cause is.”

Organizations include: Refuge House; Helping Kids in Poverty; NextAid; Charity: Water; Urban Resource Institute; and New Hope for Kids, among others.

[Thanks, Ken]

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money-duckTo join the exclusive online community at Affluence.org applicants must earn over $300,000 a year or have a household net worth of more than $3 million.

“A whole segment of internet entrepreneurs are working hard at building exclusive communities like this, online worlds that strike a balance between openness to new members and a hostility to the great unwashed.”

(via The National)

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cable-box1“In order to keep some 6.5 million TV screens from going dark two weeks from now, both houses of Congress have now voted to postpone the deadline for a changeover from analog to to digital television transmissions from February 17 to June 12. The president has been pushing for the delay, and despite delays from peevish Republicans, he got it. It remains to be seen whether the postponement will be enough to resolve what has by now become a completely failed government program–another parting gift from the Bush administration, which managed to raise government incompetence to new levels, while always seeming to shaft the nation’s most vulnerable people.”

(via Mother Jones)


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dvd“Because of widely available broadband access and a new wave of streaming sites, it has become surprisingly easy to watch pirated video online — a troubling development for entertainment executives and copyright lawyers.”

(via NY Times)

[Earlier this week, for the first time, I watched a pirated movie, a DVD copy of a current-run Academy Award-nominated film apparently reproduced from an advance review video (during an early scene, for a few seconds, a message appeared on the bottom of the screen warning against reproduction or distribution of the video). I must admit to having had some misgivings about watching the DVD, yet what I mostly thought about was how commonplace it is to find for sale legally in bookstores, uncorrected proofs or review copies of new books sold to the stores by editors and reviewers, often in advance of the books’ release. Review copies of new books, not intended for resale, are so ubiquitous in New York City that it has become hard for me to justify paying full price for new titles.]

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“How can we navigate through the information landscape that is only beginning to come into view? The question is more urgent than ever following the recent settlement between Google and the authors and publishers who were suing it for alleged breach of copyright. For the last four years, Google has been digitizing millions of books, including many covered by copyright, from the collections of major research libraries, and making the texts searchable online. The authors and publishers objected that digitizing constituted a violation of their copyrights. After lengthy negotiations, the plaintiffs and Google agreed on a settlement, which will have a profound effect on the way books reach readers for the foreseeable future. What will that future be?”

(via The New York Review of Books)


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Happy Birthday to the much-beloved Macintosh computer that turned 25 yesterday!

When Steve Jobs introduced the Mac in 1984 at the Flint Center at De Anza College in Cupertino, the original Macintosh 128 cost $2495 with the following options:

  • Imagewriter printer $595 ($495 if purchased with Macintosh)
  • Numeric Keypad $129
  • Modem 300 $225
  • Modem 1200 $495
  • Carrying Case $99
  • 3 1/2-inch disk box (10 disks) $49
  • MacWrite/MacPaint $195 (included free with each Macintosh during the introductory period)
  • External Drive $495

The Macintosh 128 was my first personal computer and I have never used another brand of personal computer since – I upgraded first to a Macintosh 512; then a Mac SE; then a Performa, a PowerBook 1400, a Power Mac G3, a PowerBook G4, then to my current MacBook.

Happy Birthday Mac . . . and Get Well Soon Steve Jobs!

Happy 25th birthday to Macintosh (via NY Times)


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facebook-logoAs a relatively new member of the Facebook community, I am continually fascinated by the myriad ways — good, bad and ugly — that individuals, groups and organizations utilize this far-reaching social network.  A few recent examples:

 Revolution, Facebook Style


On Facebook, Sicilian Mafia Is a Hot Topic


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