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woodrow-wilsonWill the Bush 43 presidency be remembered more like Harry Truman’s, as Bush supporters hope, or Herbert Hoover’s, the odds-on favorite?  Several historians argue that “A more apt comparison is to Woodrow Wilson.”

“[Woodrow] Wilson is the only other American president who had a faith-based foreign policy, who asserted the president’s absolute primacy over Congress in foreign affairs, who initiated a crusade ‘to make the world safe for democracy.’  He sent troops to invade one foreign country (Mexico), then, aided by a pretense (an intercepted German telegram fancifully offering to finance a Mexican war against the US), dispatched a million troops to join a European war, at the cost of 40,000 American lives and much domestic upheaval . . . Wilson left his party in a shambles, and the country in a virulent 18-month recession.” (via Economic Principals)


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In the ancient Cambodian capital of Oudong, at the base of Phnom Oudong, children hire themselves out as companions, with fans, to visitors to the Royal Tombs, December, 2006.

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